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Created on : July 29, 2013
NCAA Backrolling Corner Rugs
NCAA Backrolling Corner Rugs
Created on : July 29, 2013
Created on : July 29, 2013
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About us

After being in the carpet business over 15 years, Smitty’s knowledge and expertise has allowed him to develop Smitty’s Wrestling Corner Rugs (SWCR). Smitty designed SWCR after noticing every tournament using tennis balls and cheap Wal-Mart rugs for underneath coaching chairs. SWCR are red and green triangles to mimic wrestler’s ankle bands. This establishes coaching corners, protects your mats from indentations left by chairs, adds instant class to your event, and fights MRSA/Staph. Read how we made the perfect product below

What makes Smitty's Premium Corner Rugs ?

SWCR started out at the 2003 NCAA Division II Tournament in Wheeling, WV, right in the middle of the Ohio Valley. Since starting in the business in 2003, we have tested many different types of yarns/carpeting, backing, and sizes for the perfect corner rugs. We began with a polyester yarn for the first couple of years, until when he noticed a problem. The polyester didn’t respond well to high volumes of traffic, such as a wrestling tournament, showing signs of wear and tear after only one use.
Then, we changed to a nylon yarn for its elastic properties. Nylon is the most superior yarn due to its durability and longevity. This allows your CR's to look new for years to come.

Carpet Backing-(Jute Backing Video) CLICK HERE
We then ran into another problem with the carpet backing, which was breaking down after each use and showing indentations of wrestling mats. We added a 100% soybean padded felt backing to add protect of your mats and help clean it up. The soybean backing is completely water proof and adds extra protect for your expense mats and gym floors.

Top-Sprayed(CLICK HERE)
Smitty’s completed the perfect corner rugs by helping to fight against bacteria and harmful infections. We’ve top-sprayed every SWCR products with a MRSA/Staph killer to help protect your athletes.

Smitty's unbelievable carpeting has endless uses: entrance rugs, runners, furniture protectors, indoor putting greens (tested 10 on Stimp Test), indoor bocce ball, prefect Christmas colors, and much more!

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